About Maddy

MadelynMadelyn “Maddy” Jackson passed away in August of 2010 at the age of 18. Maddy was a pure spirit and a bright light in the lives of so many she touched.

From a very young age, despite her seeming fragility, Maddy had a fighting spirit and zest for experiences.
Whether it was amusement park rides, a bumpy ski slope, swimming in Hawaii or loud funky music, Maddy loved life and showed it. She would smile so hard you could see it from the back, and would laugh and click when she was happy, which was often.

She was especially happy sitting with her mom around the breakfast table on weekend mornings, or dancing with her dad late into the night. And she loved a party. Especially birthday parties—so much so that every family birthday party somehow turned into hers. And that was just fine.